The Searching on the album Closure is:

Tijs Vanneste: vocals, acoustic guitars
Nico Van De Pol: bass
Tom Van Steenbergen:  electric guitars
Hans Claes: piano, organ

Guy Vernelen: drums

After being part of the European metal scene for 15 years with Oceans Of Sadness, Tijs (vocals, acoustic guitar and main songwriter) thought it was time to focus on his own little baby under the moniker “The Searching”.

Actually The Searching is not really a new band… In 2001, the band joined a competition called “Concour Akoestiek” organized by Belgian music organization Poppunt, improvising on stage with the goal to prove that acoustic music doesn’t have to be boring and sad and surprisingly they won. But since OOS was still really growing at that point and this took most of his time, Tijs decided to put The Searching on hold and put his focus on OOS. But of course, in the back of his mind it kept itching… and so…

After OOS threw the towel in 2011 Tijs immediately started working on songs for The Searching. He approached his former OOS-colleague Hans Claes (piano) & Guy Vernelen (drums), long-time friend Tom Van Steenbergen (guitar) and Nico Van De Pol (bass). The band started working on songs and did a few small unannounced try-outs in 2012 which always had the after taste of wanting more.

By the end of 2012 the band slowly began recording the debut album ‘Closure’. Tijs decided to work with old and long-time friends Nik Mettes & Filip Goris at the well-known Red Tape Studio in Lier and he asked his long-time friends Andries Boone (Ballroomquartet, Mandolineman, …) and Paul Van Bruystegem (Triggerfinger, BJ Scott, The Wolfbanes, …) to do some cool guest-appearances.

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